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Hi Janeane

Not sure if this will answer your questions.

Object Oriented type programming involved users creating objects that can be
used over and over again in programming by creating an instance of the
objects. A single object can store information such as attributes (also
known as state of the object) and its behavour. An object itself can be
defined as certain data type. An object can also include sets of procedures
and functions.

Example: Traditional data type int, string, etc. Int requires only whole
numbers and string requires only letters.

OO data type can be defined into more sophisticated data type such as
"Student". But you would call it Object "Student"

The student object consist of attributes such as student gender, address,
etc (itself could be objects or specific data types). When you create a new
student using this object, you are creating an instance of this object and
you would give it a name as "<the name of the student>" and you can inherit
all its attributes. This becomes really portable. So, language such as C++
and Java OO Programming allows you to create Objects. 

Procedural programming is when programmer's programming style consists of
defining procedures and functions that include parameters (variables
required to complete the process) of certain data types. Usually procedural
programming requires programming to be specific about their declaration of
data and where it is in the program and how it is being defined in order for
it to be used within the code (global or local). Also, you can't pass a
procedure or functions to another program without referencing the whole
program (that includes the procedure or function you want to use) as part of
the other program (hence lots of compiling). Programs such a Pascal and C
are your procedural programming. 

Someone might diasgree with this, but mark-up languages (HTML) and scripting
languages (Javascript and Actionscript) are a bit different from your
traditional style of programming and difficult to define a specific style.
I've never seen the books that you are refencing, but I would not
categorized them as a specific form of programming languages in a true
sense. However, you might get away by indicating HTML is a procedural style.
However, javascript and actionscript can be both procedural and object
oriented depending on the style the users chooses. I've only seen javascript
and actionascript used mostly object orientedly. Also, html sometime
refences objects as part of the code. So, I would not provide these
languages as examples to Procedural but refer the students to more
traditional examples such as Pascal, fortran and C as examples.


Hope this helps and I can't guarantee that all the information provided is
accurate. They are only knowledge which I acquire as a programmer


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** Top Secret **

Can someone who has a better IT background help me please?

When I taught scripting to my class, we used some notes from binary blue. In
lesson 6 - Object Orientated Programing, there is a discussion about OOP and
how lingo, actionscript and javascript incorporate object orientated
programing. So, when doing a practice examination, one of the questions was
to list two procedural languages and two object orientated languages. I
checked with our IT technician and he gave me the following information;

java - oop

c++ - oop

html - procedural

actionscript - html

javascript - html


Now I'm a bit worried. Our tech insists that actionscript, javascript and
lingo are procedural languages, not object orientated programing.

I've just revised all this with my year 12'ves, sent them off into the
world, and I will not see them until after the exam. Have I mis interpreted
the binary blue notes, or what is going on. Can somebody please give me some
info and set me straignt?



Jeanean Pritchard


Highview College

Maryborough Victoria

jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au


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