[vet-mm] an important question

Jeanean Pritchard jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au
Tue Oct 25 10:54:56 EST 2005

** Top Secret **

Can someone who has a better IT background help me please?

When I taught scripting to my class, we used some notes from binary
blue. In lesson 6 - Object Orientated Programing, there is a discussion
about OOP and how lingo, actionscript and javascript incorporate object
orientated programing. So, when doing a practice examination, one of the
questions was to list two procedural languages and two object orientated
languages. I  checked with our IT technician and he gave me the
following information;

java - oop
c++ - oop

html - procedural
actionscript - html
javascript - html

Now I'm a bit worried. Our tech insists that actionscript, javascript
and lingo are procedural languages, not object orientated programing.
I've just revised all this with my year 12'ves, sent them off into the
world, and I will not see them until after the exam. Have I mis
interpreted the binary blue notes, or what is going on. Can somebody
please give me some info and set me straignt?


Jeanean Pritchard
Highview College
Maryborough Victoria
jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au

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