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Mark Russell markwingara at optusnet.com.au
Thu Oct 13 23:49:50 EST 2005

Hi folks,
Hope the exam prep is going well. I know everyone is very busy at the
moment, but I thought I would just write a quick note about an information
session being held next Tuesday 18th, 7.00pm for the Northland Design
Studies program.

Most of your schools careers advisors should have received something about
it in the last two weeks, (but it's always good to tell the people on the
front line)
If you haven't come across the program before, it may be another option for
some of your student finishing their year 12 courses. This is not an MM
course, but is focussed more on the whole design industry. It offers a full
CertVI in Design as a year 13 program. Kids get to have a look at all
different areas of design and select from there.

Each year we have a few students who want to carry on to further study after
our cert III MM, but are more interested in Graphic Art and Design,
Interior, Industrial etc
I won't rabbit on about all the areas it covers.
If you would like more details there is a web site at

This is not a private course. It runs under the state system with no tuition
Application is deliberately not through VTAC so that late applications can
be made. Forms can be downloaded from the site.
Hope we might see a few of your students on the night. It is not a full open
day with big displays like we had in July, but rather info about the course
content and preparing folios for tertiary courses.
good luck with the exams if we don't see you.

Mark Russell
designstudies at optusnet.com.au

Northland Secondary College
62 Murray rd
East Preston 3072
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