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Keith Richardson keithcr at fastmail.fm
Thu Oct 13 12:10:27 EST 2005

Hello Paul.
I can recommend Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6.0 - it is one of the best I
have ever come across, and is an excellent lead into the industry
standard Vegas 6.0. It is also very user friendly and I find that my
students can learn to use it basically very quickly, then it has many
highly advanced features that they are able to grow into. I am running
two hands-on sessions on the first day of the conference - 60 minutes
beginners followed immediately by 60 minutes advanced, and have a set of
the conference notes available for download from the 3in6 site if you
are interested.
http://3in6.openlab.net.au/resources.htm then go to the bottom of the
page for the beginners and the advanced notes. I was restricted to just
4 pages for each.
Regards, Keith.

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 08:02:37 +1000,
pmaxted at delasalle.melb.catholic.edu.au said:
> Hi All,
> De La Salle will be offering MM Cert II for the first time next year. We
> have to get our budget allocation in by next week. I am considering
> whether to purchase Premiere Elements as part of the software suite. Even
> with an upgrade I don't think our PCs will run the full pro version.
> Would Elements be a suitable alternative for Cert II this year and for
> Cert III next year? Any thoughts or experiences welcome.
> Paul Maxted
> De La Salle
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