[vet-mm] Multimedia Typography Exam prep - help and links

Chris Russell crussell at bhssc.vic.edu.au
Tue Oct 11 21:09:07 EST 2005

Multimedia Typography help
Composition - Typography
   A definition of Kerning -
The amount of space between characters, initially determined by the design of the font. You can adjust the spacing between to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

   A a definition of Tracking -
In typography, tracking is the process of uniformly increasing or decreasing the space between all glyphs (letters) in a block of text. It is commonly confused with kerning, but these are two separate concepts. Tracking is sometimes called character spacing or letter spacing, especially in reference to computer typesetting. A related concept is that of word spacing, which uniformly increases or decreases the space between words. 

Just some handy information to trainers new to Multimedia and Graphic Design. 
A question regarding this subject may appear on the MM exam 2005

  Other type links - History of truetype fonts
  Truetype & Postscript Type 1 font differences -

  About multiple master fonts
The info contained in these sites maybe a little heavy reading for students (not exactly fascinating for staff either) however, they can clear up many questions multimedia teachers have especially if you don't have a graphics or print design background. 

Chris R

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