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claire claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au
Wed Nov 23 16:14:29 EST 2005

Hi Katie,
When the exam is installed, a folder is created on the desktop called something like MM_exam_2005, within that folder is resources folder. When they start the writing part, this resource folder gets renamed to their student ID number and a shortcut is created on the desktop that points to that folder.
Within the student number folder are 3 folders:
1) which ends with _m this has the multichoice answers, 
2) _p has prac and 
3) _s has the short answers, in .txt format.

Hope this helps?
Claire :-)

> Katie Pinder <kpinder at msj.melb.catholic.edu.au> wrote:
> I'm wondering if someone can tell me if the 2005 VET Multimedia exam is
> supposed to save the multi choice and short answer questions back in to
> the exam folder instead of the student number folder. We didn't have a
> year 12 class this year but i tested it out on the year 11's and this is
> what apparently happened (ps. i didn't have the instructions which may
> have outlined this.)
> Can anyone tell me more?
> Also, does anyone know when the answers will be available?
> Thanks
> in advance
> Katie
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