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Kevork Krozian kevork at edulists.com.au
Wed Nov 23 01:27:30 EST 2005

Dear colleagues,

     As usual , please excuse multiples of this message.

I had a thought today (Tuesday) at the VITTA conference as I walked through the vendor displays that were set up for our viewing pleasure to partake of or ignore as we please or just to hang around long enough to win one of the many prizes they offered at the end of the day for lucky teachers.
The thought I had was this:  Wow, these people have put many many hours of effort into setting up their stands carting their products, and putting on a bright happy face from early morning to late afternoon as many hundreds of people meander around and through the displays. What is more, most if not all were trying to wolf down their lunch whilst still "on duty" at their stand either on a high chair or standing,  in advance of the teacher lunch break and inevitable rush that would follow.

 Roland summed it up very eloquently when recently he wrote :
" I think it does these commercial groups and partners proud that they slog
through all the e-mails we churn out on these lists, turn up to all those
conference trade stands, grind away at all those phone calls and keep up a
brave face listening to all our gripes." 

 Therefore, I wish to provide a vehicle for these partners in our journey to do the best for our students by setting up a "products" mailing list that can be used by any vendor with something to offer schools. As the description of the list states, " Vendor Product Information Mailing List is a vehicle for vendors to announce, inform, advertise and otherwise disseminate information about educational products such as hardware, software, solutions. class materials, training, multimedia tools, electronic equipment and any other material that can assist schools ". 

For many if not all teachers, it is necessary to keep up with what is happening in the market place. For example, I had been looking around for a long time to integrate a number of databases that operate at my school as separate stand alone products eg. rollmarking, reporting and timetabling. I think I found such a product at one of the stands today. This will remove duplication and synchronisation of data. Entering student data once will make it available to all components of this integrated system.

I would like to offer all vendors this mailing list so that each can make a product announcement or post an advertisement on this "products" list without any apology or justification. They can praise their product and tell us how wonderful it is. Teachers who wish to keep up with vendor announcements can join this list accepting that the purpose of this list is purely advertising and prospective schools or teachers can follow up with vendors any way they like.

I hope this initiative gives recognition and a rightful place for our partners in education who do so much to make our lives so much easier and what we deliver so much higher in quality.

Best Wishes

Kevork Krozian
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