[vet-mm] Any recommendations 3D software

Glen Drew drewgle at westnet.com.au
Thu Nov 10 18:16:38 EST 2005

Chris, as Greg Neil said, most (all?) 3D software have some difficulty in 
terms of use. Getting students used to the concept of working in 3D on a 
flat screen is a problem in itself. I teach a Yr 10 Multimedia subject that 
has a 3D component, we are fortunate to have 3D max, and I think it goes 
across quite well. Some love it, and have used it in other design subjects - 
Wood Tech, Vis Comm - in yrs 11 and 12.

Scholastic had a deal of 10 user site license plus one teacher for approx. 
$1300.00. This was in a recent Technology magazine - I can dig up a copy if 
you like.

The more popular packages (3D Max, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 3D etc.)are well 
supported - internet tutorials, magazine articles, books and video files on 
DVD. This makes learning them easier.

There is one - Hash Animator:Master - which is quite cheap (2-$300 US I 
think), I haven't used but have some reviews on. Look for an animation 
Killer Bean 2 by Jeff Lew, it was done in this program.

Glenn Drew 

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