[vet-mm] Any recommendations 3D software

Greg Neil greg at stmargarets.vic.edu.au
Thu Nov 10 11:16:11 EST 2005

User friendly is a hard call with 3D, as most packages have quirky
interfaces, ignore the windows interface standards, and are complex by
the nature of what they do.

At the high end you have autodesk's 3D Studio Max and now Maya (autodesk
recently acquired Alias). Maya has a fully functioning educational
version that watermarks output, Max does not have an educational
version, but traditionally the educational pricing has been very

Avid has an education version of the powerhouse XSI. Again, high end

In the middle you have software like Cinema4d and lightwave, which have
most of the features of the high-end software (physics, radiosity etc).

At the more cheap and cheerful end of the market you have Amorphium,
z-brush, amapi. Z-brush is a hybrid 2d/3d paint and modelling package
that can produce very unique output. Amapi is more traditional in it's
features, although p3erhaps limited compared to other software.
Amorphium is a well rounded application for what it does, and is worth a

If you are looking for more logo type software, Ulead's cool3d produces
solid animated output however it's modelling capabilities are not as
good as other packages.

Blender 3D is an open source 3D package with very powerful modelling and
animation facilities, and a quirky interface. The gallery is here

Hope this helps somewhat.


Greg Neil
Computer Systems Manager
St Margaret's School, Berwick
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I know in the past a 3D software unit was part of the Multimedia
Certificate and would appreciate any recommendations regarding a user
friendly package with strong animation features.  

Prerequisites -
- Student level of experience 
Year 11-12 studying computer arts. (i.e. not for use in Cert III

Macintosh platform 
1.25ghz, Power PC G4, 768 RAM, OS.10.3.8
(In the past I have used Rainstorm's Swift 3D)
Thanks in anticipation
Chris Russell

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