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Thank you Tony - your thoughts here have started me thinking along a
different track. I decided to try to tease out what the VELS was
actually saying in relation to the four interdisciplinary strands, to
see how we might be able to make ICT effectively serve all of the other
learning strands. My desire would be to make it indespensible. What I
found excites me - I saw that ICT is 'really' the central lynch-pin that
will enable each of the other three IDS's to serve the curriculum needs
of the whole school. Sounds presumptuous? Maybe a little, but we will
have to think BIG and value ourselves (meaning ICT of course) if we
want others to value us and not dispense with us.
I think that what we have to do, in concrete terms, is establish
precisely WHAT we have to offer that the other disciplines NEED - we
want to be correctly recognized as indispensible, and our skills
appreciated and not undervalued or de-skilled (no longer needed by
By recognizing that ICT is central to the four interdisciplinary strands
it can be sold as providing accesss to these for all other learning
Other thoughts?
Attached please find my interrelationship diagram and summary of the
interdisciplinary strands.
Keith Richardson.

On Sat, 25 Jun 2005 10:28:40 +1000, "Tony Forster"
<forster at ozonline.com.au> said:
> I see the VELS as an opportunity to expand the creative use of ICT in
> schools rather than a threat to the teaching of ICT.
> The VELS stresses the need for developing generalised skills rather than
> the
> learning of specific information in a rapidly changing world. It is the
> ability to learn which must be learnt. It talks of "deep understanding of
> the subject matter" and reducing "the crowding of the curriculum to give
> students time to explore the underlying concepts of tasks and problems
> they
> are set".
> Creative use of ICT such as game programming (or the 3 in 6 competition)
> is
> closely aligned with the values of the VELS. Constructivist learning in
> which students take an active part in their self directed learning is
> strongly supported by the VELS.
> I give detailed reasons in a word doc at :
> http://www.freewebs.com/schoolgamemaker/#vels
> why I believe that Constructivist activities like game programming can
> deliver most of the outcomes of the VELS in one class.
> Tony Forster
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