[vet-mm] 3in6 Schools Video Competition News

Keith Richardson keithcr at fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 24 23:49:04 EST 2005


Hello everyone.
The URL above links to the Resources Page of the 3in6-2005 website -
latest addition (at the bottom) is a zipped file of the latest version
of a course for video production at the Year 9 level, but suited I would
imagine from yr 7-11.
It is quite detailed, but Media people may wish to add a few extras such
as story boards. I chose to leave them out - it's hard enough to get the
kids to DO planning without pushing those.
I'd be interested in feedback please.
Regards, Keith.

PS This is my first email to the ATOM list - hello... You might be
interested in looking over the full 3in6 site?
Keith Richardson
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