[vet-mm] OT - LCD Screen Query

Greg Gebhart greg.gebhart at lowanna.vic.edu.au
Fri Jun 10 10:59:50 EST 2005

Hi Keith,
Optima are producing a flat screen monitor for education that has a glass
plate on the front.
We have been testing a couple of models which we are very happy with.
If you contact Optima and mention my name, I am sure they would provide you
with an evaluation unit for a month. The contact details are as follows.

Hamish	HamishL at optima.com.au  or

Michael 	MichaelCo at optima.com.au

Our school doesn't use Optima at the moment but we are looking at moving to
them. Another local school has all Optima computers and says that the
warranty, service and follow up are excellent. They also said that they have
had very few problems with any of their computers.

I have found Optima to be very competitive in price and often well below
other brand names companies.

I think its well worth following up.

Greg Gebhart
Lowanna College

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Help Please.
Very recently I read about an LCD computer monitor with a built-in hard
glass screen.
For the life of me I cannot find the article/catalogue/brochure. I seem
to remember that it was one of the many bits of mail that get posted to
IT departments in schools.
Can anyone help me identify it please?
Thank you, Keith
Keith Richardson
Leibler Yavneh College
Elsternwick Ph (03)9528 4911
keithcr at fastmail.fm

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