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Thanks Ana,
And I am right there with you Margaret, we get audited early next
term... There are a few stressed folk around the place...

Suzanne Arnott
Elisabeth Murdoch College
Photography and Multimedia Coordinator
Assistant Manager, Learning Technologies

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Hi Margaret,
We got audited last year. We have a really good set up, a purpose built
multimedia classroom, so facilities or software did not seem to be an

These are the type of questions asked:

1. What was our delivery & assessment strategy (Training Plan).

2. She looked at our assessment tools.

3. How do you keep up-to-date with industry developments? She was
interested in the magazine subscriptions we had (desktop and design
graphics) and any contact we had with current industry representatives.

NB: PixelED is having an industry dinner next week for teachers to meet
and hear from two industry representatives. They will talk about their
role in the multimedia industry. Will help in audit.

4. How do you keep up-to-date with relevant Training Plans and
curriculum developments?  Contact with other teachers in TAFE, schools
and web sites

5. Reviews of teachers performance and content (collected from students
at the end of year).

6. All tools with creation date and review date on them.

Hope this helps
:) Ana

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