[vet-mm] introducing myself 1st

Michael Abulencia michael.abulencia at rmit.edu.au
Mon Jul 25 15:11:00 EST 2005

Hi everyone.
I hope your week is starting well, nice weather today in Melbourne, I can see the clouds move from my window : )
Just a few things that some of you might be interested in:
Apple's hosting a seminar on their video production suite on Wednesday, 27th July:
I'll be attending so I hope some of you could attend too, it'll probably be a promotional on their products but hey, they might throw in some freebies (fingers crossed... an iMac would be great).
For those who plan to maybe visit Antarctica or would like to see people who have survived (thank God) the experience, we have their presentations online.  Feel free to view/download it http://www.lab.3000.com.au/antarctica/index.jsp
I'll keep you all informed of upcoming "free" design workshops that eitheri yourselves or your students might be interested in attending.
Best regards,
Michael Abulencia
Educator and Technology Supervisor
lab.3000 Incubator
email: michael.abulencia at rmit.edu.au
phone: 9654 6970
mobile: + 61 422 624 760

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