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peterfowler at optusnet.com.au peterfowler at optusnet.com.au
Fri Dec 2 15:59:40 EST 2005

Thanks to those kind people who responded. I believe I have enough ammunition to put a case to the timetabler for some increase in time allocation for 2006. For those of you who are interested I recieved nine responses on average teachers were allocated 200min for Cert II and 250min for Cert III. Apart from mine the smallest time allotment was 3.20hrs or 192min for their year11 class and 3.30hrs or 210min for Year12, whilst the largest was 4.5hrs or 307mins for Year11 and 5.5hrs or 330min for Year12. This makes a mockery of my 160min at both levels. Other comments worth mentioning were nearly all teachers felt that there was insufficient time to deliver the course properly and a significant number also mentioned that the regularly gave up lunchtime to supervise their students as well as running classes during the holiday breaks. To state the bleeding obvious, there are serious inequities in the delivery of what is a very demanding course.
Thanks again to all those who have responded. I appreciate the support and value your responses.
Yours Sincerely
Peter W Fowler
Swinburne Senior Secondary College

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