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Rachelle McLean rachelle.mclean at rmit.edu.au
Fri Dec 2 12:08:13 EST 2005

Hi All,

Sorry about cross-posts

I've spoken recently at the ATOM conference and briefly at the PixelEd
conference regarding open source software.

This week Con Zymaris, CEO, Cybersource, Director, Open Source Industry
Australia and Convenor, Open Source Victoria (A Government-funded
industry cluster.) posted to the IT mailing list a link to a report
regarding open source software and how it can be used within the
education sector.  I think this is extremely exciting, and an early
Christmas present for all of us trying to run programs on limited
budgets.  His email is below including links to the documents.

3 cheers for open source :-)

Rachelle McLean

Speaking of reliable and intuitive... ;-)

OSV is about to launch the following:

Open Source Victoria has prepared the following report for the primary
secondary education sector. Within it, we have researched and provided
synopsis on a range of software which we believe will be beneficial to
educators and students. We have also included a large list of other
open source applications.

Specifically, our objectives are:

a) to increase the awareness of open source software amongst all

b) to provide an easy mechanism for educators to review and select

c) to increase the understanding of the merits of open source Software
   amongst students of Information Technology courses in schools,

d) to help the education sector save money on software licences, which
   could be re-deployed on hardware or staff professional development.

This (draft) catalog (12+ MB PDF) is available for download now, from:




Your feedback is welcome.


Con Zymaris

- CEO, Cybersource Pty. Ltd.
- Director, Open Source Industry Australia, Limited.
- Convenor, Open Source Victoria (A Government-funded industry

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