[vet-mm] Re: Multimedia Delivery Time

peterfowler at optusnet.com.au peterfowler at optusnet.com.au
Thu Dec 1 10:03:59 EST 2005

Hi One and All,
I would like some info from the mailing list. I am presently running the Cert II and III with a weekly time allotment of three hours and even less when you take the students break time out of that three hours. Obviously I am struggling to get through the course content adequately. So could I get info on how much time other schools have been allocated for the same course, as I am presently mounting a case to put to our timetabler and principal for an increase in time allotment for Multimedia.
Rather than clog up peoples mailbox's please email me directly with any feedback. 
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Yours Sincerely
Peter W Fowler.
Swinburne Senior Secondary College.
email : peterfowler at optusnet.com.au

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