[vet-mm] Student exam prep day

Rachelle McLean rachelle.mclean at rmit.edu.au
Tue Aug 30 13:52:51 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I need to put in the final confirmation and deposit for the Melbourne Uni hall for the student exam prep day on Septemeber 22nd and need final numbers confirmed ASAP.  If you or your students intend to go then you need to book a place or you may miss out.  The forms are on the temporary website http://www.pixeled.org.au/professionaldevelopment.htm 

I am surprised at the lack of interest in the PD day we had organised for this Saturday, that has now been postponed til November.  If you are interested in PD put on by PixelED I'd love to hear from you about the kind of events you are interested in attending and the time of year/day that would be good for you.  We put on things that sound exciting to us but if people aren't interested then there's no point.  

Instead of PD would you prefer books and resources?


Rachelle McLean
lab.3000 - innovation in digital design
(03) 9654 6970

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