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Rachelle McLean rlmclean at bigpond.net.au
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Oops!  His number is 03 9396 1471

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> Rachelle is there a contact email or phone number?? Cheers jacqui Bayside
> Rachelle McLean wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>Today I had a guy come in to do a 3 hour tutorial for my media students
>>using Premiere Pro. Pete Brownstein who runs Riverstone Multimedia.   He
>>was fantastic.  REally good with the students and very knowledgable.  He
>>said he specialises in video and sound.
>>I asked Pete about Flash, Director and JavaScript and if he could do
>>tutorials in those, and particularly scripting.  Pete said he has a guy
>>in his company, Miles, who is great with that stuff and would be happy
>>to do tutorials if/when required.
>>pete charges $110 per hour including GST and a site fee of $70.  So, If
>>he comes to your school it may be cheaper than going to somewhere like
>>Haileybury College  and  Haileybury Girls College  Melbourne, Australia
>>Castlefield at 120 South Road, Brighton East, 3187.  Phone: 9598 0588
>>Edrington at 138 High Street, Berwick, 3806.  Phone: 8768 2300
>>Newlands at 855-891 Springvale Road, Keysborough, 3173.  Phone: 9213 2280
>>Senior School at 855-891 Springvale Road, Keysborough, 3173.  Phone: 9213 
>>Principal's Office and Central Administration at 855-891 Springvale Road, 
>>Keysborough, 3173. Phone: 9213 2222
>>Web at http://www.haileybury.vic.edu.au
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